Is US tax reporting a burden?

Vault can make your life easier.
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Is US tax reporting a burden?

Vault can make your life easier.
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How Vault can transform your US tax reporting

Keeping on top of your reporting requirements can seem impossible at times.  Timing expectations and increased complexity make filings difficult to manage.  Vault has the most efficient compliance process that can transform any size compliance job into a well-oiled US tax reporting machine. 

  • Vault Collect takes all the pain out of providing data for US tax reporting.  Our intuitive and simple system makes data collection almost unnoticeable.
  • Efficiency, accuracy, and speed is the name of the game with US tax reporting.  Deadlines are tight and the volume of information can be enormous.  With our advanced processes and technology, we are able to turn around projects at a speed and accuracy you probably haven’t experienced before.
  • Vault Smart Compliance embodies our values at Vault where we are tax advisors first and foremost.  This means that we truly understand every number and all information that is reported on US tax forms and schedules.  This approach provides the highest level of technical quality that is not always seen in US tax reporting.
  • Our innovative technologies combine advanced technologies and human expertise to provide the highest value US tax reporting services found anywhere.

What can we do for your business?

Schedule K-1 reporting

US international reporting

US entity registration and “Check-the-box” filings

PFIC identification and reporting

US tax return preparation and filing

Investor queries

 Vault will integrate seamlessly with your current service providers.


Vault works with every type of accountant from the largest global firms to local practices.  We understand the controls and framework of both global firms and global service providers, which allows us to apply the same level of service to all business, small to large.

Expert tax technicians

With decades of US tax experience, we love solving tax issues, however complex.

Our deep US tax knowledge allows us to integrate and work well with any existing service advisor to ensure that all issues are handled comprehensively.

Obsessed with controls

For every deliverable we create, we provide an easy to follow controls map outlining our processes.

Having this transparency allows service providers to better understand the deliverable allowing for efficient integration into your wider systems.   

Best in class technology

Vault Hub allows service providers access to Vault deliverables through our secure digital portal. 

We set everything up so all it takes for you is a simple click of a button.  And finally, all Vault technologies are extremely flexible, so will easily integrate into any system. 

Let's talk US tax! Book a discussion with us at a time convenient for you.

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