PFICs in your structure?

We'll take it from here.

PFICs in your structure?

We'll take it from here.

Vault can handle your PFIC testing and reporting.

Managing PFIC testing and reporting can be a real hassle.  Vault has the experience that you need to efficiently handle all PFIC testing and reporting while removing the hassle factor.    

  • We provide comprehensive and efficient PFIC testing for funds, investors, and corporations. 
  • Utilises our Vault Smart Compliance approach, offering you an enhanced understanding of your PFIC testing results.
  • We can assist you with any type of PFIC testing and reporting situation.  Our advanced process are geared to efficiently handle any sized PFIC testing project.  
  • Need help mitigating PFIC issues or simplifying your PFIC reporting?  See our PFIC advisory services for comprehensive advice in managing your PFIC issues.

What can you expect in working with Vault?


  • Getting started with Vault is easy. Our set-up and take-on processes can be completed in a relative blink of the eye.
  • We will meet with you to understand your US tax issues and your business before we begin our work.  Getting to the heart of the issue and designing a plan to arrive at a solution that works perfectly for you and your business.
  • Data gathering is intuitive and simple with Vault Collect. Our innovative software allows you to avoid the hassles experienced with traditional information requests and data collection.


  • We will connect you with Vault Hub, your own dedicated secure and GDPR-compliant client portal.
  • Through Vault Hub you can access up-to-date details of your project at any time, on any device.
  • With Vault Hub, you can chat with us online, send files, and comment on specific workflows. You can even sign tax returns with the click of a button!
  • We love meeting in person.  Our London location allows us to visit with you however often you prefer.


  • Vault Align allows you to truly understand US tax on your terms.  With each deliverable, we provide you with explanations for US tax technical concepts in clear language that makes sense to you and to your business.
  • Vault Align combines your data and our analysis, organised in  a way that allows you to review and understand your project from an executive level, or drill down into the detail.
  • Included with each deliverable is an intuitive and easy-to-follow project controls map.  This map provides a step-by-step summary of your project, allowing you and your service providers to easily reconcile back to the key US tax issues.

Vault Toolkit will change the way you think about US taxes.

Outstanding service from top US tax experts combined with technology to make your life easier around US taxes. 

Vault Collect

Intuitive and simple data collection that you'll love.

Vault Hub

Always connected.  Connect from anywhere, on any device, anytime. 

Vault Align

Game-changing technology to allow you to truly understand and be part of the end deliverable.

Vault Toolkit has been designed to make everything US tax easier.

Using Vault, you can connect to your US taxes on your terms; whenever you want and at the level of detail you need.  Be effortlessly engaged and informed by using Vault for your US taxes.

Vault Collect: intuitive, simple, and works for everyone.

  • Vault Collect is a simple and intuitive data collection system that gathers the information needed with minimal effort on your part.
  • Time spent digging for documents and answering multiple data requests will be a thing of the past. 
  • Your data is always secure with Vault with our bank-grade security and GDPR-compliant systems.  

Vault Hub: your own Vault portal.

  • Securely transfer and connect to your information anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Our enterprise-grade systems are certified under ISO 27001 and are GDPR compliant.
  • By simply logging in to your portal you can connect with real Vault people, when you need us. Simply click on a name and automatically reach out through phone or chat within the portal.
  • Billing, engagement letter, and all the other administrative stuff is thoughtfully organised in your portal, too.
  • Unlimited storage, enterprise-grade security, and rigid controls around data protection allow you to confidently store your US tax data with us for as long as you need.   You can keep track of your US tax obligations and your US tax data all in one place. 
  • Changes in tax law?  We'll provide you useful summaries that are applicable to your business right in your portal

Vault Align: stay connected and understand the detail without the jargon.

  • Vault Align, within your Vault Hub, keeps you up to date and informed on all aspects of your project from beginning to end.
  • The interactive project dashboard keeps itself continuously updated.  Comment, ask questions, and provide further insight all from your your dashboard.
  • The control map makes integration with your wider service providers easy as it provides efficiencies without the need to extensively digest the information.
  • Most of our clients are not US tax experts and don't have the time to de-code US tax language.  That's why, throughout the life of the project, we include jargon-free summaries written in a way that you can relate to your business.
  • Follow and interact with your project's control map: a useful and easy-to-follow tool that allows you to drill into the various elements that drive the tax analysis.


     Vault will integrate seamlessly with your current service providers.


    Vault works with every type of accountant from the largest global firms to local practices.  We understand the controls and framework of both global firms and global service providers, which allows us to apply the same level of service to all business, small to large.

    Expert tax technicians

    With decades of US tax experience, we love solving tax issues, however complex.

    Our deep US tax knowledge allows us to integrate and work well with any existing service advisor to ensure that all issues are handled comprehensively.

    Obsessed with controls

    For every deliverable we create, we provide an easy to follow controls map outlining our processes.

    Having this transparency allows service providers to better understand the deliverable allowing for efficient integration into your wider systems.   

    Best in class technology

    Vault Hub allows service providers access to Vault deliverables through our secure digital portal. 

    We set everything up so all it takes for you is a simple click of a button.  And finally, all Vault technologies are extremely flexible, so will easily integrate into any system. 

    Let's talk US tax! Book a discussion with us at a time convenient for you.

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